From securing start-up grants for new schools to providing direct funds for materials and uniforms for needy families, the ACE foundation supports initiatives specific to the needs of each charter school in order to expand their capacity in meeting the needs of their communities.

Community Engagement Initiatives

  • Creating School-to-School Mentoring Program for students
    Securing educational partners for schools
    Involving the community in scholastic events

Recognition and Special Sponsorships Events

  • Fundraising events to benefit schools
    Student Achievement Awards



Our Summer Youth Program continues to grow. Thanks to our generous sponsors, this year our program supported at risk students of Mater Academy International Studies and Theodore R. and Thelma A. Gibson Charter School. The program afforded over 200 students the ability to be part of a fun filled, academically rooted summer camp. The student’s days included several hours of daily class time with certified teachers including individualized lessons targeted to raise their academic performance as well as preparing the students for the new school year. Additionally, the students had days of fun-filled activities, including daily arts and crafts, field trips to the Seaquarium and even a “Water Day”. The positive impact this program has had on the students is evident in their schoolwork. We are very proud to serve these students and their families.


The A.C.E. Foundation has launched a new initiative to foster growth and assist young women in capitalizing on their potential. The WLI will serve as a mentorship program for young ladies in high school throughout South Florida.


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